Sooner or later, dust, dirt, crumbs, dander, hair, and other nameless debris builds up on the surfaces of your furniture and begin to linger in the air of your home, requiring a deep and thorough clean. While many home cleaning projects can be addressed using standard supplies and a little elbow grease, others can be a more substantial undertaking that requires the need to hire a cleaning service. 

Bigger projects, like roof and exterior window cleaning, can require equipment, time, and safety precautions better left to professional cleaners. Likewise, delicate or valued items such as antique rugs or draperies, which may seem like easy cleaning tasks to undertake, can easily result in damage or fading if cleaned improperly. Whether you’re looking to get a jump-start on some spring cleaning or increase your home value by tackling these general home maintenance projects, here are 7 reasons why you should hire a cleaning service for these household items.

1) Black or green areas are overpowering your roof’s appearance

Have you noticed dark stains or green areas appearing on your roof? These substances are more than likely caused by algae, fungus, lichen, or moss, which can lead to shingle deterioration and wood rot if left unattended. Roofing generally doesn’t need regular cleaning, but when mold, algae, or soot residue starts to build up, it’s best to call in a professional. Proper cleaning extends the lifespan of your roofing materials or shingles and can even improve your home’s curb appeal

However, spending time on a roof can be very dangerous without the right safety equipment. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, the chemicals used to clean these substances off your roof can be caustic, meaning they can cause burns. Most roof cleaners contain sodium hypochlorite and occasionally zinc sulfate, so this is a job best left to the pros. Roofs should be cleaned as needed, generally once every few years. However, homes in areas with a harsher climate may need more regular attention.


2) Rainwater is overflowing from your gutters

Gutters are often forgotten in our maintenance routines, but they play a crucial role in preventing water damage in a home, and neglecting them could have serious – and costly – effects in the long run. Efficient gutters will collect and divert rainwater or melted snow, preventing it from damaging walls and the foundation. However, leaves, sticks, dirt, and even birds nests can quickly clog gutters, compromising their functionality. One of the reasons to hire a cleaning service is that a professional cleaner has the necessary equipment to prevent the outlet from getting clogged by clearing leaves, soil, or organic debris that frequently collects in gutters. 

Standing and climbing up and down a ladder while rooting around in the gutters can also be a dangerous task for a homeowner, especially on larger homes with substantial gutter systems. Professional cleaners have the industrial-strength equipment needed to effectively clear out clogs and inspect your gutters to ensure no repairs are required. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year and potentially more frequently for homes under large trees or in seasons with heavy rainfall and high winds.


3) There’s a lack of natural light coming through your windows

Windows are easy enough to clean on the inside, but outside can be another story. This is especially true for exterior windows in larger homes with multiple stories or condos that are part of a larger building. It might seem like a relatively simple job to clean your home’s exterior windows on your own, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Using too much detergent or not rinsing that detergent off properly after washing can cause more dust and grime to stick to windows over time, making the glass dirtier than before. 

Moreover, if you live in an area with frequent rainfall like Seattle, WA, or New Orleans, LA, getting your windows professionally cleaned before a rainstorm prevents dirt and dust residue from scratching up and sticking to the glass. In these cases, hiring a professional is the best way to guarantee clean windows. Regular cleaning of your home’s exterior windows will not only keep them looking their best it also protects the window glass from long-term damage. Exterior windows should be cleaned annually at a minimum, but ideally, twice a year in parts of the country with high pollen counts.


4) A whistling sound is coming from your furnace

A furnace system is ultimately best left to the professionals, from installation to cleaning. Dust and dirt can accumulate on any surface over time, and furnaces are no exception. A definite reason to hire a cleaning service is that the average homeowner might miss places where grime and dirt can build up and may not have the proper tools to give furnace systems the thorough cleaning they need. High pitched whistling or scraping noises are signs that dust, dirt, hair, or, if you have pets, dander could be clogging your furnace, indicating that it’s due for a filter change or cleaning. 

A dusty furnace can also cause breakdowns in your heating system by restricting airflow and lead to higher energy bills even when you’re not using your furnace more than usual. Furnace cleaning, which includes cleaning the combustion chamber and replacing the oil filter, should be performed at least once a year and is best handled by a pro. Getting a professional to clean and maintain your furnace annually will not only save you money on expensive repairs in the long run but also remove the dust and debris that will inevitably build up throughout the year.


5) You start to notice the high traffic areas in your carpets

Carpets are a major component in your home and are subjected to heavy use daily, so we naturally want them to look as pristine as possible. While vacuuming is a good intermediary to remove loose particles on the carpet’s surface, it may not be enough to keep carpets truly clean. Soil that is inevitably tracked in and left in the carpet for too long can work its way into the fibers, making their removal highly difficult. And, over time, carpets and area rugs can become perfect traps for bacteria, allergens, pollens, and other pollutants that are naturally in the air. A professional carpet cleaner extracts the hidden particles from your carpet, from caked-in stains to debris, and goes above and beyond what even at-home carpet cleaners can do. Plus, regular cleaning prolongs your carpet’s performance and is key to maintaining a tidy home. 

High traffic areas may need cleaning as often as twice a year, while lesser-used areas of a home may need cleaning once a year or whenever stains or spots are visible.




6) Your antique or expensive rugs are beginning to show some wear

Antique or luxe rugs, such as Persian or oriental rugs, aren’t a good fit for a DIY carpet cleaner. In most cases, these rugs are delicate and easily destroyed, making their care a reason to hire a cleaning service. Plus, improper drying could result in a moldy rug. Pros know how to best clean fibers without causing damage, altering color, or leaving stains. Plus, you’ll be extending the lifespan of your rugs by ensuring it’s getting the necessary care by a professional rug cleaner. 

Since antique rugs don’t need regular cleaning – every year or two is fine – you can maintain your rugs with regular vacuuming unless spills or other messes occur.


7) Your drapery appears discolored

Decorating with drapery is a great way to quickly add visual interest to your space and block out sunlight. However, over time, drapes naturally start to collect dust, odors, and allergens and may pose a health issue for people with allergies. Simple curtains, like those made of cotton or polyester, can go in the washer, but others made of sensitive fabric, such as silk or linen, might require more significant attention. At a minimum, dry cleaning may be necessary to clean without causing damage. Another reason to hire a cleaning service is that if the proper treatment method isn’t listed clearly, a professional cleaner can provide guidance on the appropriate cleaning required to remove dust, dirt, mold, or mildew.

Lighter drapes more prone to dirt should be cleaned every six months, while heavier window treatments need care at least once a year to remove dust or dirt. In between professional cleaning, you can keep your drapery clean by regularly dusting them. 


Originally published by Redfin