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If you’re in the Chicago area and you’re in the market for new windows, one brand that you can’t go wrong with is Marvin. Their high-quality craftsmanship combined with the variety of windows you can select from as well as their customization options all make Marvin a favorite brand for Chicago homeowners. 

About the Marvin Brand: A Promise of Quality

Marvin is a manufacturer of windows and doors that was founded in 1912. The company, which has always been a family business, began first in the lumber and cedar industry. This expertise has carried over to their variety of wood-based windows and doors. 

Today, the CEO of Marvin is Paul Marvin. 

Marvin currently offers three window collections: the Marvin Essential, Marvin Elevate, and the Marvin Signature (which includes the Modern and Ultimate Series). Here’s an overview of each of these collections and the product lines included. 

Marvin Essential

With its emphasis on performance and design, the Marvin Essential collection of windows includes interiors and exteriors both made of fiberglass. These windows have designs that are less complex than some other Marvin offerings, instead keeping a clean and simple profile that homeowners gravitate towards. Essential windows are also slimmer in profile.

The fiberglass used in Marvin’s Essential windows is more durable than even vinyl, promising a 38 percent longer lifespan. With its pultruded properties, this fiberglass behaves the same way natural glass would. This means that as temperatures cause the glass to expand or contract, the way in which this happens maintains the quality of the fiberglass, even during temperature extremes. 

Marvin Elevate

Where strength meets beauty, Marvin Elevate windows can be found. The exteriors of these windows are made of fiberglass while the interiors are wood to add more warmth and appeal to your Chicago home. Whether you want your windows to match the style you already have in the house or you wish to go in an entirely new direction with your décor, you have that freedom with the windows in the Elevate collection.

You also won’t find stronger windows around. Not only will these windows never crack, peel, chalk, or fade, but they last longer than the competition. The Elevate windows even outmuscle vinyl/wood composites by three times the strength. 

Marvin Signature 

If you can’t decide which type of window design would look best in your Chicago home, the Marvin Signature collection ought to have something you like. Marvin themselves call the products in this line quite broad, giving you plenty of options. 

To better organize the multitude of offerings, the Marvin Signature collection includes two product lines: Signature Modern and Signature Ultimate. The windows in the Signature Modern line are typically quite sizable yet not ornate in their design. They’re made of fiberglass and have Marvin’s long line of builders and architects to thank for their optimal looks and performance.

The Signature Ultimate product line is ideal for customization, as you can do so much with these windows. They come in either wood cladding or Ultimate wood in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes, so play around to determine which works best for your home. 

What Are the Types of Marvin Windows? 

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the offerings produced by Marvin, here’s an overview of the window types you can shop. These aren’t necessarily offered in each of the three Marvin collections, so keep that in mind as you begin narrowing down your options.

Hopper and Tilt Turn 

The Ultimate windows series includes hopper and tilt turn windows. Hopper windows come in one of two designs: with a tilt-in operation due to the hinged bottom or with dual swings. Your hopper windows would complement your tilt turn windows, which you can tilt at the top or swing inward. Both window styles will make the rooms in your home more ventilated as well. 

Specialty Shapes

In the Essential, Ultimate, and Elevate collections, will you find an array of specialty shapes. These are suited for homeowners with more particular tastes or those with very specific plans for a Chicago home remodel. Some examples of the shapes Marvin produces are triangles, trapezoids, and polygons, but those are just scratching the surface. Many more shapes are available, and if you can’t find what you want, you can always custom-order a specialty-shaped window.

Sliding Windows

The glider windows in the Elevate, Essential, and Ultimate collections are designed for exterior or interior use. You open them across rather than up so the windows don’t use too much precious space. All sliding windows, sometimes also called glider windows, have stationary sashes as well as several operating sashes.

Single Hung Windows

If you’re interested in single hung windows, then opt for those in the Ultimate or Essential collections. The versatility of these windows as well as their great durability make them a fantastic choice for a variety of homes. The top sash is in a fixed position with these single hung windows, providing a clean look that’s always stylish.

Picture Windows

Many Marvin window collections include picture options, even some with direct glazing. These spacious windows are a must in almost any home, as they provide perfect views of the front, side, and backyards. Picture windows have a very simple design, but that’s part of their charm. 

Double Hung Windows

All three Marvin window collections that we covered have double hung window options. If you like the look of single hung windows but want something with a little more flourish, double hung windows make a fantastic solution. These have dual sashes you can adjust to open the window in a vertical direction. 

Corner Windows

For the space-conscious homeowner, the corner windows in the Ultimate collection will match your tastes. You can still get those panoramic views but without oversized windows hogging up a lot of room.

Casement Windows

The attractive qualities of casement windows are a major selling point. These windows come in a variety of sizes and can swing either out or in, the latter of which a crank lets you do. Casement windows sit on hinged sashes that allow them to move in several directions. 

Bow and Bay Windows

The 3D views of outside you’ll get from bow and bay windows are like a dream. How bay windows provide that view is by connecting multiple windows (often three, but it can be more) so the overall window shape boasts corner angles. If it’s a bay window you’re more interested in, these have a similar design to bow windows. The main difference is there are no corners, only smooth curves. Also, bay windows typically have four windows attached as one. 

Awning Windows 

The last type of window you can choose from for your Chicago area window replacement project, awning windows are included as part of the Essential, Elevate, and Ultimate collections. These have top hinges so they can push or swing outward. 

Reasons to Choose Marvin Windows for Your Chicago Windows Renovation

If the above information leaves you tempted but still on the fence, here are some reasons to upgrade your home with Marvin windows:

  • No matter the style you envision for your dream home, there’s a Marvin window out there to accommodate it. If not, you can always customize your windows so they’re aligned with your personal sense of style.
  • Speaking of style, the options you have are quite impressive. If you like warm interiors made of wood, there’s the Marvin Signature collection. If you prefer fiberglass interiors or exteriors, try the Essential collection. 
  • The materials Marvin uses are always of the highest quality. Not only are these materials beautiful, but they’re tough, too. After all, Marvin’s windows can often outlast the competition. 
  • The wood in all Marvin windows and doors is produced and obtained sustainably, so you’re making a smart, eco-friendly choice with your home reno.
  • The Marvin name is one of the best in the business. When it comes to windows, few brands have risen to the prominence and are regarded as highly as Marvin.
  • The level of quality that can only come from expert craftsmanship is a signature with every Marvin window. 

Customizing Your Marvin Windows

Do you wish to make your Marvin windows one-of-a-kind? You can do so in one or more of the following ways.


The integrated window shades available through Marvin slide into place seamlessly. There aren’t any pulleys or cords dangling and ruining the smooth silhouette of the shades, either. You can select from a rich variety of colors and fabrics for the shades to match your home.


Dress up the outside of your home with customizable Marvin exterior casings. Whether you want yours made of Ultrex fiberglass, extruded aluminum, or wood, that choice is yours, as is the color for your casings.

Divided Lites

If your large window could use a little something extra, try some divided lites. These come in a wealth of patterns sure to catch your eye.


From retractable to standard screens, Marvin offers high-quality screens with plenty of mesh or screen choices.


Marvin even pays attention to the smaller details, such as the hardware that holds your windows together. Yes, you can select from different metal finishes and types as well as hardware styles and designs for a great finishing touch. 

Cladding Colors

Punch up your cladding in vibrant, eye-catching hues or more neutral shades sure to get along with the rest of your home. 


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