About Andersen

Andersen Windows has been a window manufacturer since 1903.

As a result of the company’s innovative approach to the process of window making, it has set up high standards in the market, becoming America’s premier window manufacturer.

Due to Andersen’s passion for window design, the company has successfully managed to become the most recommended and trusted brand of windows in America.


Advantages of the Andersen Brand


Wide Variety of Window Types

Andersen brand has every type of window that you could think of. Below, I will go through some of the more popular types of windows.

Wood Windows

Wood is known for its rigidness and strength in the window industry. It also provides a traditional aesthetic look to your home. Moreover, wood can be shaped and crafted into different designs depending on your preferences.

Andersen has used as its core product in order to add beauty to the interiors, add strength to the sashes and frames, and use the thermal properties of wood to beat the heat. 

Composite Window (Andersen Fibrex Series)

Andersen has successfully managed to develop and innovate a material that is two times stronger than vinyl. This patented material called “Fibrex”, has the potential to withstand extreme weather conditions. The great thing about this product is that the exteriors have a lifetime warranty so they will not  flake, fade peel or blister. 


Exterior Materials

Andersen offers a wide variety of window materials to the customer. The only reason for this is that customers often want low maintenance and high-performance windows.

These windows often have to go through regular wear and tear during the day as well as night. Therefore, Andersen has not limited itself to one kind of window material.

It uses a combination of window materials to come up with superior performance.


Grille Options for Andersen Windows 

Moving on to the patterns you may want on your windows, Andersen offers its customers customizability in choosing the type of grille pattern they may want. You ask for it, and they provide you with it; no questions asked! Windows come in all types of grille shapes and colors, so you have a wide variety to choose from. 


Exterior Color Options

Andersen offers a wide array of color options for the exterior. It mostly depends on the type of material you choose to go for. Wood does not come in a variety of colors, but Andersen can do wonders for its customers.

Moreover, aluminum can be shaped and colored according to the needs of the customer. Therefore, there is no limit to the options available with regards to color for customers.


Insect Screens for Andersen Windows 

Andersen provides special rated insect screens for windows. These screens allow you to have the best of both worlds; enjoy all the sunlight and fresh air and avoid having to deal with any kind of insects through the windows. This is a premium option that Andersen has introduced for its customers. 



Andersen provides a confident warranty for all its products. Moreover, the warranty includes their exclusive owner, two owners limited warranty for all their hardware, accessories, and windows. 


History of Andersen

The Danish Immigrant Hans Andersen was the founder of Andersen Windows alongside his family back in 1903. This took place in Hudson, Wisconsin. Logs used to arrive there via the St. Croix River. Currently, Andersen has headquarters Andersen Corporation in Bayport, Minnesota.

Its subsidies exist under different names throughout America under names such as Renewal by Andersen, Weiland, EMCO, MQ, and Heritage brands as well as Andersen. It has been a privately held company for the course of its life.

It accommodates more than 8 thousand employees in its manufacturing plants in Europe and North America. 


Final Words

Talk about strength, premium, high standard, rigidity, and customizability, and Andersen will provide you with all. There is no match for the quality of product and service which Andersen provides in the industry. It has raised the bar high for everyone and continues to do so.