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Homeowners, in general, are aware of the obvious signs when a window needs to be replaced such as rotting sash and broken panes. However, these signs take longer to appear and there are other homeowners need to look out for such as:

  • Increase in utility bills: When windows no longer function as they should, heat and cold easily seeps through and out of them. This would result in the rise of your energy bill since you would have to use the heater and air conditioning more at home.
  • Cracking or warping frames: The frames of the window develop cracks as they age which allows moisture to easily come through as well as insects.
  • Age: Windows have a lifespan of about 10 years after which they deteriorate and no longer function as well.

Determining you need new windows is just the first step. There is a long process of buying, installing them properly, and then selecting the right window treatment. During this process, homeowners tend to make a lot of mistakes and we have a list that will help you avoid such mistakes.


Never make your decision based solely on price

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Paying an excessive amount for windows and installation doesn’t necessarily mean the windows are the best quality or fit for your home. There are numerous factors that come into play when it comes to the price of windows:

  • Imported parts: If parts of the windows or the window itself is imported; it will cost more. This doesn’t mean that it is better quality but due to possible taxes and or exchange rates, if it comes from the U.S. the price rises.
  • Type of installation: Based on the company and window you opt for; you may require nail fin installation. This type of installation costs more than retrofit or brick-to-brick, which results in a higher cost.
  • The brand: Well-known brands may charge for their name, resulting in their windows costing more.

While cost is important, you should never solely decide on it and this goes both ways for low and high-cost windows. You will need to do a bit of research as the reasoning behind the cost and narrow down whether the high cost is because of quality or not.


Getting the Same Windows

Why bother going through the hassle of shopping around and doing your research when you can get the same type of window that you had? But before you get the same windows installed, you should know that window technology continuously changes. To get the most out of your new windows, you want to ensure that you get the latest technology such as:

  • Energy star certification
  • Double or triple-pane
  • Tilt-in windows make it easier to clean
  • The presence of gas between panes such as Argon or Krypton


The purpose of getting new windows is to get something better, so don’t try to save yourself time and money by getting the same windows again. It may end up costing you even more later on.


Not Considering the Geographic Location of the House

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You will find that windows are made of different materials and the materials play a role in how they function. Homeowners need to consider which material is more durable based on their geographic location. For example, windows that have wooden panels are not ideal for humid conditions as the wood warps leading to the windows being inefficient. Similarly, in locations where there is a lot of sun exposure, insulated Low-E glass helps reduce the number of UV rays as well as reducing the heat that transmits through. You need to be considerate of your local climate and get windows accordingly, so they last a long time.


Not Considering Maintenance Cost

Homeowners that have experience maintaining windows know the cost and effort that goes into it. When getting new windows, you have the chance to ensure that the maintenance is kept to a minimum. Both steel and wood wear down and need to be painted after a few years, especially in homes where the weather frequently changes. You can remove the cost of repaint by selecting fibrex, vinyl, or aluminium windows.


Overlooking Glazing Options

There are numerous glazing options that add a special finish to glass that make it more appealing than the conventional clear glass. You have the following options to choose from:

  • Heat absorbing
  • Tinted
  • Decorative
  • Textured
  • Low emissivity which blocks UV rays

These glazing options give additional functionality to the window, making them more effective.

Installing the windows yourself

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You’ve probably seen online guides that explain the installation process and think you can do it on your own. But unless you have prior experience of installing windows, you are better off letting the professionals handle it. There are numerous problems you can come across such as damaging the frames, not properly installing the window which can result in more damage than good. Yes, you would be saving money on installation costs but not having windows properly installed can end up costing you more later on.


Going through an expert means that the installation assessment is done, and they take the right approach for the process. This reduces the chances of any issues occurring with the window due to installation. It will also ensure that the warranty of the window stays intact and there are no issues with claims due to not properly installing the windows.


Our Last Thought

When it comes to installing new windows, the process is more than just the installation itself. You want to make sure that you opt for the right window to be installed first. Getting it installed by an expert will cost more but unless you know the installation process, that is likely to be your best option.