In the dead of winter, you bump up your thermostat often because your drafty old windows always let the cold air in. It’s been on your to-do list to get a window replacement forever, but one thing that always holds you back is the cost. How much money would you spend on new windows in Chicago?

According to HomeAdvisor’s most recent data, new windows for the average home in Chicago cost between $12,250 to $13,500 depending on whether you choose vinyl or wooden windows for your home. 

Curious if this cost is higher or lower than the national average? Do you want to know if window installation is factored into the above prices as well? Then keep reading, as we’ll delve into all that and more in this article. 

The Cost of  New Windows- Chicago Area

You’re finally ready to make the jump and kickstart your window replacement project this year. As you begin researching, you think that wooden windows might be the best option for you. How much would you pay for these where you live? 

While it varies from window company to window company, wooden windows in Chicago tend to cost $13,500, says HomeAdvisor. Now, that’s not the price per window (thankfully!), but seems to account for a set of windows.

If you were interested in vinyl windows, HomeAdvisor notes these are slightly less expensive in Chicago, as they cost roughly $12,250. 

The HomeAdvisor data goes on to say that Chicagoans tend to spend $2,475 to $7,834 on windows, with the average cost $5,103. Both prices above are quite a deal higher than those average costs. However, they’re still in range, considering the lowest price for Chicago area windows is $525 and the highest price lingers at $14,000.

Is Installation Included?

Now, if you’re a little gobsmacked by the costs we outlined in the prior section, we encourage you to take a breath. For one, they’re only averages, not exact quotes. The only way to know how much you would pay for a window replacement project in Chicago is to request some quotes from window replacement companies. 

Also, you’ll be happy to know that the prices in the section above do include the cost of installation. That makes the estimates more reasonable. 

Are  Windows in Chicago More or Less Expensive Than Other Parts of the Country?

Now that you have a better idea of what you could pay for your new windows in Chicago, you may wonder if this is higher or lower than the costs in other American cities. Chicago does tend to be more expensive, HomeAdvisor notes, but not always by as much as you’d think. 

According to US-based window replacement data for 2020 from HomeAdvisor (different link), homeowners typically pay between $200 and $1,800 for a window replacement, but that’s per window and before installation gets factored in. 

Now, it may already seem like the Chicago prices are higher, but remember that installation is included and you get several windows for that cost. 

Also, once you look deeper into the prices for each window type, you can see that the savings aren’t too much higher in other parts of the country. Composite windows can cost $300 to $1,200 apiece, aluminum windows between $75 and $400 each, fiberglass windows $500 to $,1500 each, wooden windows $150 to $1,300 each, and vinyl windows between $100 and $900 per window.

Let’s say you had five wooden windows installed in your home, which is outside of Chicago for the sake of this example. On the higher end, this would cost you $6,500. That’s just for the windows, remember, and not installation. Once you add that in, the cost can be driven up, possibly by a few hundred dollars, sometimes by a thousand or more. You’re still paying more in Chicago for new windows, but it’s not thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

How Much Do Marvin or Andersen Windows Cost in Chicago?

As you’ve researched for your window reno, you’ve likely come across two major names in windows, Marvin and Andersen. 

Marvin is a window and door manufacturer founded in 1912. It’s been a family business since day one and remains such to this day. The company produces several window series, such as Marvin Essential, Marvin Elevate, and Marvin Signature with the Modern and Ultimate windows.

Andersen got its start ahead of Marvin back in 1903. At that point, they were known as the Andersen Lumber Company. Funnily enough, both Marvin and Andersen began in the wood industry before shifting to doors and windows.

The 100 Series, 200 Series, 400 Series, and the Architectural Collection with the A-Series and E-Series are all trademarks of the Andersen brand. 

Both these brands are quite high-end, so their windows cost more than other companies. Starting with Marvin, a single window in their Ultimate series is $350 to $700 before installation, notes

If you prefer their Infinity Series with Ultrex fiberglass, certain styles are costlier. For example, you could shell out between $1,200 to $1,500 a window for those in the Oriel, Cottage, or Standard styles. Again, that price does not include installation.

Do you like Andersen windows the better of the two? The savings won’t be much greater. Information from Window Price Guides outlines the most current prices for various windows in Andersen’s many series. For the Architectural E-Series, windows are $800 to $2,500 each.

Continuing to the 100 Series, the prices get moderately better. In fact, these are the most affordable by far at $280 to $370 per window. Moving up to the 200 Series, you’re now paying $215 on the lower end and as much as $2,330 on the higher end, which is quite a big jump! The 400 Series is more expensive still, with a price range of $271 to $2,500.

Like with the Marvin windows, none of the above prices include installation. That leaves Marvin and Andersen windows at very similar prices depending on the type of window you’re looking at. 

Should You Consider Marvin or Andersen for Your Chicago Home?

Since we couldn’t locate prices for Andersen or Marvin replacement windows in the Chicago area only, we’ll call the above prices national averages. The cost of anything can deviate from the national average, windows included. Given what we said before about Chicago being generally more expensive, you may expect an uptick in the above prices if you shopped Andersen or Marvin in Chicago. 

That doesn’t mean you have to exclude these brands entirely. If it’s in the budget, we’d highly recommend either Marvin or Andersen. Not only are they leaders in the windows world, but both names are synonymous with quality. The expert level of craftsmanship, lasting materials, and stunning looks make either Andersen or Marvin strongly worth considering. 


If you’re in the market for a window replacement in Chicago, this isn’t going to necessarily be a cheap venture. You’re probably going to pay roughly five figures, but that would include several windows and installation in the project cost.

If you were to shop for Marvin or Andersen windows, the prices could climb even higher. For that money, though, you get beautiful, high-quality, energy-efficient windows you’ll love. 

Best of luck in your window search!