Proper maintenance is key to keeping your home windows in excellent condition. You want your freshly installed windows to last as long as possible. Check them periodically to keep them in good shape and extend their longevity. Well maintained home windows will continue looking great and enhance your home security.

The weather, airborne debris, the temperature rises and drops, and rainfall will continuously batter your windows. With this guide, you’ll be able to fight back against daily wear and make sure your investment in home windows Chicago are protected.

Clean Regularly

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Protect your window frames from rot and warping by cleaning them regularly. Use a damp rag to wipe down the frames along the front face of the frame as well as the top of the frame. Be careful with leaving too much water on the frame because this can seep into the wood and speed up the rotting process.

For aluminum frame windows or vinyl, use a soft-bristle brush and mild soapy water. Finally, use window cleaner to leave your panes sparkly and clean.

To learn more, check out this ultimate guide to cleaning your windows.

Gaps and Seals

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At least 2 – 3 times per year, examine the rubber seals that hold the glass pane to the frame. These seals deteriorate over time and may need replacement. Ensure that they are in good shape and have them replaced by professionals if necessary.

Gaps around your windows will allow air in and drastically affect your gas bill. In addition to checking your seals, take care of any gaps in the frame by using sprayable insulation or expanding caulk.

Look for Moisture

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Moisture in your glass panes can be one of the largest red flags that your windows need repair. Examine each pane for signs of condensation inside the window and frame. Accumulated moisture indicates seal perforation; replace the seals as soon as possible.

If you don’t take care of window moisture, your windows will eventually warp and mold will grow into your frame. This is very costly to repair and will necessitate a total replacement.

Locks and Latches

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The window locks help keep your windows securely shut and help seal the window space. Make sure to tighten any loose locks or latches regularly. If you have any broken locks, replace them as quickly as possible.

Have Home Windows Inspected by a Pro

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Whenever you move into a home and at every 2 years after that, hire a friendly window expert to inspect the quality of your window frames, seals, and panes. The talented professional will point out any areas where your windows need improvement and maintenance. You may not see every problem spot immediately yourself, so allow the professional eye to identify them.

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If you are moving out soon, be sure that your windows are in excellent condition to attract potential buyers. For more areas to address before you move, please visit: