It a synthetic fiber and made from petrochemicals including polyester and nylon. The materials are not biodegradable so don’t throw them in the regular trash. Microfiber cloths made of polypropylene are recyclable as a plastic.

If you are like me in your effort to cut plastic use, check the material label when purchasing a new Microfiber cloth or tossing out your old one.

So what is Microfiber? Each strand is approximately 1% the diameter of a human hair.  The stands are tightly woven and create an ultra-absorbent material. It is one tough cloth that can last for years.


Microfiber Clothing

Sweden researchers developed Microfiber in the early 1990s. Over the next decade, it saw success as Europeans used the product.

The material is used in athletic wear because the Microfiber Marvin material wicks away moisture (perspiration) from the body. You can find it in cycling jerseys and thermal undergarments. The material is great for keeping the wearer cool and dry.


When a high-quality microfiber is combined with the right knitting process, it creates an effective cleaning material. It can hold up to eight times its weight in water. Just wet Microfiber to clean. You don’t have to use any chemicals. It holds dirt until you rinse it off making it a great “green” product.

There are three types of Microfiber cloths.

The heavy-duty type is great for cleaning and removing deep soil. They are great for construction and automotive cleaning. It’s also great for washing your car. Use one to wash all the dirt and a clean one to dry it off. They now make Microfiber shams.

Microfiber Washing Car

A medium grade is perfect for dusting, wiping down countertops and sinks. As stated earlier, the material holds dirt so well, you need not use any cleaning products. You need to wet the cloth with cold or warm water. It will typically wipe away all dust and dirt spots. Just make sure you dry off furniture that is not water-resistant immediately.

A thin Microfiber cloth that has a suede-like feel to it is typically used for glasses, mirrors and shining. You probably didn’t realize the cloth that came with your glasses is Microfiber. It is great for removing smudges from glass surfaces. It is also great for shining chrome surfaces.


You can get rid of your furniture polish. Because of its ability to hold dirt, you can use a dry Microfiber cloth to dust. Throw it in the washing machine and dryer after each use. It will be like new when you go to use it again.

It is absorbent. You can use it to dry your shower walls and tub. It prevents mildew build up. If you want a deep clean, spray vinegar on the walls. Use the Microfiber cloth to wipe it down. It easily removes all stains, soap scum and dirt.

Keep one hanging under the sink. It is great for wiping down your kitchen counters daily. Just add water and wipe. Microfiber cloths dry fast so you don’t have to worry about odor.

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning windows. They leave the glass streak-free. Make sure you are getting a high-quality Microfiber cloth. You don’t need any cleaning products. Fully saturate the cloth with warm water. Don’t worry about drying.  The water will evaporate and leave a clean, streak-free window.


It is best not to wash them with your bath towels.  Their clinging ability is a great attractor for lint. It is best to clean them on their own. 

The best method is hand washing. Let the dirty cloths soak in cool or warm water. Use your hands as an agitator to help release the dirt. Rinse well and let them air-dry.

Never use hot water. It damages the fabric causing it to no longer be effective.

King of Maids offers green cleaning services. Maids use Microfiber cloths, Microfiber mops, and human/pet-friendly cleaning products.

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