Cleaning Kitchen Tiles: You’ll be cleaning your kitchen the most out of any area in your home. Because of daily food preparation and a high volume of foot traffic, your kitchen is a breeding ground for germs and other unwanted visitors.

Even your kids will track in filth from outside; let’s not mention all of the “happy little accidents” like stains and spills that our kids bless us with.

Most kitchen tiles are durable, but even the sturdiest tiles will end up with disgusting stains. With elbow grease and patience, well-cleaned tiles will last you for years.

What is the perfect method for cleaning kitchen tiles? Let’s explore the best way to do this as provided by King of Maids maid service San Antonio. We’ll have your kitchen tiles looking sparkly in no time with some helpful tips from the pros.

Sweep daily

Maintain your kitchen’s appearance by sweeping on a daily basis. You’ll keep the accumulation of dirt to a minor level and the mopping process will go much more quickly. If you neglect to sweep before mopping, the loose dirt will become a mess to clean up. This process will be a time-consuming project if you skip this step.

Supplies and Equipment

Your kitchen is host to a cornucopia of contaminants. Bring the fight to these unwelcome germs with disinfectant. Either invest in store-bought disinfectant spray such as Clorox or whip up your own green cleaning mixtures.

For your floor cleaner, try a homemade solution 3 parts warm water with 1 part white vinegar. A couple of tablespoons of lime juice or essential oil will add a refreshing scent. Tough stains require a soft-bristled scrubbing brush along with a microfiber cloth or clean cotton rag.

Obviously, you’ll want to keep a mop bucket and mop handy. Use two mops when you clean to cut cleaning time in half. With clean mop heads to start, you’ll be able to clean more efficiently by alternating the two. You will also conserve water instead of needlessly rinsing and wringing the same mop head.

Tough Stains

cleaning kitchen tiles

After sweeping, address any tough stains that remain before mopping. By attacking these stains first, you will save time and streamline this whole process. Use a scouring powder with warm water to cut through the lingering stains.

Let’s make a homemade scouring powder. Use a clean, empty, mason jar for storage. Mix baking soda, sodium borate (find this in the laundry section of your supermarket), and ground kosher salt in equal parts. Shake well and apply to your stains thoroughly.

Mix water with the scouring powder and let the stain soak for about 10 minutes before you scrub. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the stain and then use a clean rag to dry. Repeat this step until the stain dissipates.

The Grout

tile floor cleaning

Strangely enough, we want you to clean the grout before you start cleaning kitchen tiles. Why? Grout is porous and will absorb the dirty water from your mop. This would negate all of your hard work if skip this step. Scrub your grout at least once a month.

Use a natural and homemade mixture to clean your grout. Just add warm water into a bowl filled with baking soda. Play with your formula until you have a thick, moist, and malleable paste. Then, apply the paste directly to the grout and use your soft-bristled brush to thoroughly go over the cracks between the tiles. Use a spray bottle with warm water to rinse off the paste and repeat the process if the grout is stained.

Finally, use a sealer to maintain the cleanliness of your grout. Grout sealers will protect the cracks between the tiles from absorbing dirty mop water. Also, the sealer will protect your grout from random spills. Use your grout sealer every 2-3 moppings to keep your floors looking perfect.

Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

cleaning kitchen tiles

Now for the main event! Ready your two mops, a bucket, and a floor cleaner. Fill up the mop bucket with a mixture of warm water and 2-3 cups of cleaning solution. Start by dipping a mop into the bucket and soaking the floor with the unwrung mop.

Begin with the farthest corner from your entranceway and mop up to the entrance to your kitchen. Also, pay attention to cleaning the entire surface as well as the cracks between the floor and the counters or appliances.

If necessary, pass a mop through again to scrub the dirt and grime. Finally, pass a dry wrung and clean mop over the floor to fully dry off the tiles.

By following these steps regularly, you’ll have clean kitchen floors that the whole neighborhood will envy. Practice good habits like sweeping regularly and cleaning your grouts. This will go the distance towards cutting cleaning kitchen tiles in half the time.


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