From tenant move-out notification to new tenant move-in we will guide you through the steps to make it an easy transition. This is a must-read article for every landlord and rental property owner getting their tenant move-out process down to a science.

The Notice


Tenants typically know if they will renew their lease or move-out months ahead of time. As a landlord, you should contact your tenants several months before their lease expires. If your tenant tells you they are moving out, send them a tenant move-out checklist. This will help them move out successfully. Plus this will make your pre-inspection go much easier.

The ideal move-out notification from your tenant is thirty days. But even if you do not receive a 30-day notice, you can still have an easy move-in and move-out transition.

Once you receive notice, you should immediately mark your calendar with the dates for cleaning, painting and new carpeting. Waiting until the last minute could cause the delay in your new tenants moving in.

It is also important to schedule this task in an order where they are efficiently being completed. You do not want to schedule cleaning, painting and removing carpeting on the same day. This will cause a nightmare for the crew having to complete this task. It is best to schedule cleaning first, then painting and finally a new carpet. In this order, everything gets done or the proper order where you do not have to repeat a task. You do not want to schedule your painting contractor after a new carpet.

Having a system in place where are you scheduling tasks on your calendar will make an easier tenant transition even when you get short notifications.


home inspection

Make sure you conduct a pre-inspection once the current tenants move out. This will help form a plan of action. You need to inspect for any broken or damaged items, including windows. If you end up needing some marvin window installers, be sure to contact us These will need to be addressed and a repair schedule added to your calendar. You need to make sure you can order damaged items and have them installed before the date of your new tenants move-in. If your state requires a pre-departure inspection with your current tenants, use this date for your pre-inspection.

The Workers


It is important to hire competent contractors or employees. Workers who constantly miss deadlines and cause delays in your tenant transition, need to be terminated. It is not worth your landlord’s reputation having to call tenants for a later move-in time.

Use review sites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor and Angie’s list to help find competent and reliable workers. Select vendors with a decent amount of reviews and high ratings. You can get a healthy list of vendors using these service rating websites.

Final Inspection

Do not assume everything is complete and your rental is ready for your new tenants to move in. Make sure you or the person you put in charge is inspecting your rental property prior to new tenant move-in. You do not want your new tenants calling you upset because they cannot move in.