As with all home renovation projects, getting new windows installed is best done under the right conditions. Unless you’re dealing with an emergency situation, we recommend planning ahead to get your windows done when the timing is best.

If you do have to replace your windows during the winter or fall, you will have to plan and save for adapting to the conditions. Your contractor will need to take extra steps to seal the windows openings so your home doesn’t freeze over while the work is being done. This often means that the project will take longer to complete and may end up costing you more.

The Most Optimal Conditions

window sunny

Ideally, you want to plan your window replacement for a time when the weather is warm and pleasant. Depending on where you live, this could be anytime from April to early June. September, October, and November are also great months to consider when the temperature is just starting to cool.

If you live in an area with a colder climate, the window of opportunity is smaller. You don’t want to have gaping holes in your walls that cause your indoor temp to plummet, forcing you to blast the heater and adding to your gas bill.

In addition, the weather contributes to the level of difficulty for your installation specialists. Caulk settles much more easily in warmer weather than in the cold. If you use silicone caulk, you could still apply it during cold weather but you would need to warm the caulk before application.

In a similar vein, caulk does not cure well in scorching hot temps. This is primarily why you want to avoid getting new windows doing the dog days of summer.

Of course, the experts know how to install your windows under any condition and would be happy to work with you to make the process as smooth as possible for your family. Let’s explore the preparations you’ll need to make when installing windows in less ideal conditions.


window cold 2

Even in the worst weather, you can still take precautions to help with your budget. You can isolate the room that your technicians are currently in by shutting the door and insulating the door/floor gap with towels. For larger rooms like your parlor or living room, use heavy blankets to seal off the room.

The cold does slow things down a bit for your workers. Plan for the project taking a little longer than usual. Complications can arise that make things difficult. You won’t have to worry about the installation going poorly or having gaps in your window seals. The best technicians can work through inclement conditions.


window rain

The biggest complication with installing windows during the summer would be dealing with the humidity. Wood tends to expand a bit in humid conditions so adjustments need to be made. The good news: the project tends to go much more quickly than during colder months. Your installers will have your windows done in no time.

You’ll also need to think about the potential for heavy winds, rain, and thunderstorms. Make sure to plan ahead when scheduling your installation for weather that is safe to work in. Inclement weather will surely slow the installation down.

Friendly Windows is happy to work with you any time of year. Speak with one of our experts today to plan out your New Marvin window installation. We will be glad to answer any detailed questions you have in regards to your project.