Many feel that it is an unnecessary expense and take the procrastination route instead. However, it is a fact that even the most well-maintained windows will give in to wear and tear age, and exposure to natural elements.

So when one starts to notice signs like a very faded appearance, rotten frames, the inability to filter out noise and effects of nature, or even rising energy bills, it could be time to complete your Chicago Window Replacement.

It is possible that one might not have even put a lot of thought into this, except the fact that it costs money. However, the truth is that Chicago window replacement does come with a lot of benefits. In case you are skeptical about it, take a look at our list below.

1. Energy efficiency 

Today’s companies manufacturing replacement windows have added many new features. This can end up saving you a very good amount of money on heating and cooling costs. One of these modern features is insulated double-pane glass.

This is the best advancement in window insulation because the space between the two panes is filled with Argon gas for improved insulation. Older windows only use one pane, hence why you may be overpaying for heating and cooling bills.

Additionally, today’s window manufacturers are coating the glass with a Low-E coating. This reflects heat back inside your home during the winter (saving heating costs), and in the summer reflects heat back outside (saving cooling costs).

Further, you can even opt for windows that are filled with stronger grade gases to further prevent more energy from escaping. By getting windows with any of these options, you can ensure a comfortable environment inside the house all year long.

Low-E Coating performance on interior vs. exterior of a home

2. Low maintenance

For those who don’t have enough time to spend on maintenance of their windows, they will be very happy to know that most of the modern-day replacement windows are maintenance-free.

Yes, that means no more messy painting.

The greater majority of modern windows use a vinyl or fiberglass exterior which wicks water harmlessly away from your home. No more ugly repainted windows.

Man painting an old window

3. Noise reduction

People in densely populated areas often complain that their windows fail to shield them from outside noise.

If you are having the same type of issue, then getting replacement windows can be the ultimate solution. Multiple layers of glass can shield you from the loudest noises (planes and other vehicles).

If you are looking for superior sound cancellation, then you can even get triple-paned glass, which offers an extra barrier.

Having these sound-proof windows will make your home’s internal environment more peaceful and also provide better privacy from the sounds of the world outside. You would be surprised to see that well-insulated windows can act as a very effective noise filter. Even if you live in a densely-populated area, such as Chicago.

We frequently install these types of windows for people that live next to train stations.

Window with active insulating glazing

4. Protect your furniture

It is a well-known fact that furniture or other decors can start fading due to continued exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Luckily, modern windows are designed to reflect UV rays in order to protect your prized possessions from any discoloration. You can take a look at this chart that displays the causes of furniture fading.

Chart showing the causes of fading on furniture and statistics

5. Boost your home’s curb appeal

A set of smartly designed replacement windows will greatly enhance your home’s appearance.

With so many beautiful designs available in the market, it is possible to bring some stunning changes in a very short span of time.

The boost in appearance will also add to your home’s resale value, should you want to put it on the market. This is what many call curb-appeal, which is so important in order to attract prospective buyers for a home. After all, buyers and property agents would emphasize a lot on external appearance, when it comes to buying a house.

House with curb appeal in Chicago

6. Enhanced security

Chicago replacement windows today are smartly designed to give you an added layer of security. These windows can be slightly opened while using a locking mechanism to prevent forced entry. This will help you retain your peace of mind if you want some fresh air while you are away from your home. Or perhaps you are looking for some new glass block windows for your basement to prevent a robbery.

Chicago window replacement will help you enjoy a lot of short and long term benefits. If this is something you are interested in you may contact our office at 773-550-9000.