The double-hung window is an important part of almost every American home. The simple design of the two sliding sashes provides an easy way to open up a window. Newer double-hung windows have a tilt-in feature that gives comfort to cleaning and maintenance. Never again will you have to clean your windows from the outside (especially in Chicago).


Before proceeding, it is recommended to remove the window screen. This is to prevent damage or tears to it. Also, you may give it a rinse while you remove it, to be efficient with time. You may consult your manufacturer’s instructions, whether the brand is  Andersen, Marvin , or some other window maker.

Step 1 of cleaning double-hung windows

To ease the cleaning process, you can clean the exterior of the glass simply by folding the sash frames inward. In order to complete this, it is recommended to first set up a medium height chair in front of the window. This is necessary to provide support for the frame while you clean the glass panel.


Step 2

To start , move the lower sash about four inches from the bottom sill. Next pull the two sash clips inward towards the middle of the window. Now you can tilt the window towards yourself for cleaning. As for the actual cleaning solution, you can use windex, or a mix of half vinegar and water. If you notice anything stuck to the glass, you may try to use a new razor blade to scrape it off (do at your own risk).

Step 3

Once you finish the first window pane, you may now move on to the upper one. Simply tilt the lower pane on the chair and step away. Now you no longer have to support the bottom window sash. Repeat the same steps as above to finish the cleaning of the glass.

Tilt In Double Hung Window



Besides cleaning the glass, we also recommend cleaning some other parts of the window. This is to keep your windows working for a longer period of time.

Clean Double Hung Window Track

For example, you may clean the sill of the window. Typically there is dirt and debris here that may accumulate and get stuck in the track of the window. The last thing you want is to remove the lifespan of your brand new windows by neglecting this basic cleaning work.

Window Sill Clean Before After

Last Thoughts

If you are further looking to increase the curb appeal of your windows, you may want to consider cleaning your aluminum capping. If you had replacement windows done, then this is a thin sheet metal that has been bent to cover any exposed wood. Over time this will give into the elements and get a thick dust build up. In the worse case scenario, you may want to call a professional to replace this capping and recaulk as necessary.

Aluminum Capping Double Hung

That is it! You are finished and your windows are squeaky clean!